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Community Health Needs Assessment & Community Health Improvement Plan

Every three years, Union Hospital conducts a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for Cecil County in collaboration with the Cecil County Health Department and many community partners.  The CHNA takes into account expertise from community leaders, public health professionals, and community members. This assessment also includes an analysis of primary and secondary data collected from local, state and national health resources.

The top health priorities that the county will address over the next three fiscal years (FY20 – FY22):

  1. Cancer
  2. Behavioral Health (includes Substance Use & Mental Health
  3. Childhood Trauma

View the Community Health Needs Assessment (with CHIP)
View Appendix A
View Appendix B

Previous Reports

FY15-FY16 Community Needs Assessment
FY14-FY16 Community Health Improvement Plan

Community Benefit Reports

Summary reports of Union Hospital’s Community Benefits per fiscal year.

Fiscal Year 2016 Community Benefit Report
Fiscal Year 2015 Community Benefit Report
Fiscal Year 2014 Community Benefit Report

Local Health Improvement Plan

The Cecil County Health Department, together with Union Hospital and other community leaders, has formed a coalition to formulate a plan and address health issues in Cecil County. The process is known as the Local Health Improvement Plan and is a mandated requirement of the State Health Improvement Process led by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. More about this collaborative effort can be found here.

Cecil County Community Health Surveys

Health surveys are conducted by Cecil County Health Department to create a comprehensive health profile of Cecil County every 5 years.  Data from these surveys are used to develop programs that address priority health problems in the community, specifically targeting educational programs and community interventions.

The Cecil County Community Health Survey 2009