Union Nutrition and Diabetes Center is the outpatient practice of Union Hospital that specializes in all things nutrition! The center is staffed by two registered dietitians.

At Union Nutrition and Diabetes Center, diet is a dirty word. The registered dietitians can educate you about nutrition and will guide and support you through lifestyle changes so that you can achieve optimal health!

The center offers both individual appointments and group classes. Individual appointments usually last about one hour. Follow up appointments are about fifteen to thirty minutes long. The frequency of follow up depends on your individual needs, but are generally every two to eight weeks. See the links for the class schedule.


Nutrition is a critical component of the management of many chronic diseases and conditions. We can provide you with the education, support and tools that you need to manage chronic conditions such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Complications of pregnancy
  • Pediatric or adult overweight and obesity

Chronic disease and the battle to manage weight leave individuals confused about what they should eat. The dietitians will provide you with evidenced-based nutrition information that will empower you to take ownership of your nutrition and/or weight loss goals. The regular follow up and accountability that individuals receive in the center helps to keep them on track with their goals.

For those with newly diagnosed or uncontrolled diabetes, the center provides comprehensive Diabetes Self Management Education and Training. Union Nutrition and Diabetes Center is recognized by the American Diabetes Association as meeting standards for quality diabetes education. During your appointment you will receive information on the diabetes disease process, long term complication prevention and detection, physical activity, medical nutrition therapy and carbohydrate counting, blood glucose monitoring, insulin instruction and healthy coping skills.

The dietitians translate nutrition education into practical food recommendations and provide ideas for healthy meals and snacks that work within your lifestyle. They can provide you with confidence when faced with making choices about food.

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The fee for individual appointments is billed through insurance. After calling to schedule an appointment, our insurance specialist will contact your insurance company to get an estimate of your coverage*. Coverage varies from plan to plan. If you are not covered, our specialist will contact you to discuss our self pay options.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee coverage for your appointment/s based on the quote that we receive from your insurance company. Even though we have had our insurance specialist verify your benefits, we cannot be 100% sure what your coverage for our services will be until the claim for your visit is submitted.

Contact Information:

Nutrition Services Diabetes Center
Singerly Medical Building
137 West High Street
Suite 1B
Elkton, MD 21921

Tel: (410) 620-1210

Fax: (410) 620-3585