Sonya Roland

Congratulations to Sonya Roland for receiving our 2020 1st Quarter Sunflower Award! The Sunflower Award was created to recognize a Certified Nursing Assistant or Unit Clerk who has given exceptional care to our patients. Recipients of this award also exemplify the kind of person that our patients, their families, and our caregivers see as an outstanding role model. Sonya was nominated by a patient who was extremely touched by her kindness and compassion:

“I am currently struggling with addiction issues. I have been at a low point, but I am sober and once again on a lifelong road in recovery, which is an everyday struggle. I was having a rough day mentally and Sonya came to talk to me. Mind you, I like to shut down and not talk about my issues. My answer is always, ‘I’m fine!’ or ‘I know.’ Well, Sonya is compassionate but does not sugarcoat, and that is actually what I needed. She reminded me that I am worth more than the drugs, that I have a beautiful soul and that first and foremost I need to surrender for myself. I need to put myself first, get clean, and then all will fall into place. When she was talking, I said, ‘I know’ a lot. She reminded me that I don’t know. Because if I did, I would love myself more, and that hit me like a ton of bricks. Sonya is right.”

“Long story short, I have not cried that much in I cannot remember how long, and it was cleansing. God put us both in the same place for me to hear her words. I had my two children here at Union and I had a family member who worked here for a long time, and Sonya has always been a friendly face for myself and my entire family. So, I nominate her for the Sunflower Award. Thank you, Sonya! I needed that more than you will ever know.”

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