If you are facing surgery—or just want the reassurance that there is a hospital nearby with a reputation for performing critical procedures should you need them—you’ll feel good knowing we’re close by. Our experienced, skilled surgical teams perform approximately 5,200 surgical procedures during the past year, with more than 80 percent being performed on an outpatient basis. Advanced laparoscopic surgeries are performed by board-certified surgeons.

Surgery services

The Surgery Department offers same-day and extended-day surgical services. Our recently remodeled and expanded surgical suites comprise four operating rooms for major surgery, two operating rooms for minor surgery, two dedicated endoscopic procedure rooms, and a room devoted to urological procedures.


Our surgical department offers you:

  • A private post-surgery area with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment for post-anesthesia patients
  • Specially designed OR tables for specific procedures
  • Video systems for laparoscopic and arthroscopic surgeries
  • Separate consultation and diagnostic testing rooms
  • Patient and family waiting areas along with changing and recovery rooms

Surgical services are performed for:

  • Breast – learn more
  • Ear, Nose and Throat—Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and more
  • Endoscopic Procedures—Colonoscopies and EGDs
  • Gastroenterology—Colorectal surgery, Colonoscopy screenings, and other procedures
  • General—Gallbladder, appendix, stomach surgeries and more
  • Gynecology—Hysterectomies, colposcopies and more
  • Hand—Delicate procedures of the hand, wrist and forearm
  • Obstetrics—Procedures performed during pregnancy on the pregnant woman
  • Orthopedics—Hip, knee and shoulder surgeries
  • Pediatrics—Special care for children
  • Podiatry—Delicate surgery of the toes and foot
  • Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Cosmetic—Procedures to improve appearance or reconstruct areas of the body
  • Thoracic—Lung and esophageal procedures
  • Urology—Procedures for prostate cancer and more
  • Vascular—Minimally invasive procedures to eliminate varicose veins and more