Because caregivers need care, too

Caregiver support is a crucial part of the Cancer Program’s mission. After all, providing care for a cancer patient is stressful, time-consuming and exhausting. We support caregivers’ mental and physical health, so they can continue to support their loved ones struggling with cancer.

A Caregivers support group meets monthly for family members and friends of elderly, ill or dependent persons. Sponsored by Union Hospital’s Adult Day Services program, the group is open to anyone caring for a loved one at home or in a nursing facility. Attendees are welcome to bring their loved one, as staff members are available to provide care during meetings.

I Can Cope support group is also open to caregivers. Caregivers are invited to participate in our I Can Cope support group with others who have gone through the same situations.

Counseling, including grief counseling, is also available.