Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. Are you a caregiver that manages Alzheimer’s disease for a loved one? If yes, please come  to Adult Day Services’ Alzheimer’s Support Group to gain valuable support and coping information for managing this disease. Respite care is available for loved ones, while you attend support group meetings.

Bariatric Support Group

Support group for weight-loss surgery patients & those considering weight-loss surgery.

Breast Cancer

Those faced with breast cancer can join us & receive support, understanding, guidance, and education to help you stay strong & positive.

Breastfeeding Mom’s Café

Breastfeeding Mom’s Café is a free mother-to-mother, drop-in café for social and/or professional lactation support.

Diabetes Support Group

Support & educational group for persons wiht diabetes & their families.

I Can Cope

The I Can Cope program gives participants an opportunity to share their concerns with others having similar experiences & to design ways to cope with the challenges that arise from a cancer diagnosis.

Kids Can Cope

Support group for children ages 6 – 16 who have a parent or other loved one with cancer, or other chronic illness.

Look Good….Feel Better

Learn how to enhance your appearance while undergoing cancer treatment.

Moms Matter

Coping with the many changes and stressors of life postpartum requires a lot of support.  Moms Matter is intended to provide mother to mother support, advocacy, encouragement, and hope to new mothers struggling through this period of tremendous adjustment.

Stroke Survivors

A support group to stroke survivors and caregivers to find practical information, resources, education, and support.