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We want to be your occupational health care provider. We realize that you want services tailored to your needs and that is what we do.

Direct communication with you is an essential part of our job.

At Union Hospital, we recognize that healthy employees are good business. To be sure that your company is doing all it can to avoid injury or health-related issues, we can help. Our Occupational Medicine team can review records, evaluate your work environment and detect areas that could potentially create problems. We’ll offer solutions and recommend ways you can prevent injuries and illnesses before they happen—keeping your employees productive and your business healthy. Because of your alliance with Union Hospital, you’ll be assured of quality medical services if a health-related issue does occur.

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We provide:

  • Physical examinations
    • Preplacement
    • DOT, Coast Guard
    • Respiration exams
    • Fitness for Duty
    • Return to work
  • Workers compensation injury care
  • Substance abuse testing
  • DOT drug screening consortium for random testing
  • Audiometric testing
  • Pulmonary function testing

Here’s how what we do benefits employers:

  • Lower workers’ compensation expenses
  • Timely return to work of employees
  • Reduced need for temporary replacement employees
  • Lowers the cost of retraining
  • Network of medical providers

Here’s how what we do benefits employees:

  • Prompt medical attention
  • Full Union Hospital services
    • Emergency Department
  • Occupational Medicine Clinic
    • Rehabilitation Services
  • Convenient services
    • Physical Therapy
    • Laboratory
    • X-ray
  • Quick reporting of results via fax/e-mail directly to designated employer representative

What can occupational medicine do for you?

  • Survey and evaluate your workplace
  • Recommend ways to prevent injuries/illnesses before they occur
  • Offer on-site services
  • Send reports to you to monitor case management

Contact us to help reduce your cost of workers’ compensation while you keep your employees safe and healthy.

For our Occupational Medicine services price list, click here.

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Occupational Medicine
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