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Lactation Services

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Union Hospital of Cecil County offers comprehensive breastfeeding support to patients, employees and our community. Prenatal and postpartum support is provided. Prenatal education is offered through our Breastfeeding Basics Class. Women who take a prenatal breastfeeding class are more likely to achieve breastfeeding success. To view details of our Breastfeeding Basics class, see the link below. Postpartum support is offered through our Breastfeeding Moms Café where you will receive mother-to-mother encouragement as well as assistance from our certified breastfeeding counselors. Details for the Breastfeeding Mom’s Cafe are on the link below. The nursing staff has received advanced education related to breastfeeding. Certified breastfeeding counselors are also on staff and eager to help you establish the breastfeeding relationship.

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Lactation Services
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