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The TeleGenetics Clinic Study at Penn Medicine in partnership with Union Hospital

Are you interested in learning more about your genetic risk for cancer?

The TeleGenetics Clinic Study is a randomized study of TeleGenetics versus usual care to increase access to cancer genetic services.

Contact: Heather Thomas at (443) 406-1360 or for more information.

Study overview:
The purpose of this research study is to learn if TeleGenetic Services (TG) is an effective way to offer genetic counseling and testing to patients with an increased risk of cancer. TG means a Genetic Counselor will use video conferencing or the telephone to provide counseling about cancer genes. Study participants will be randomized to 1 of the 3 study arms.

You may be eligible if you ever had…

  • Cancer before age 45
  • Ovarian or fallopian tube cancer
  • Breast cancer called ‘triple negative’  before age 60
  • More than one cancer? For example, a breast cancer and then later, a new uterine cancer.
  • Breast cancer and you are a male?
  • More than 10 colon polyps

Or, you may be eligible if any of your family members…

  • Had cancer before age 50
  • Have been told they have a cancer syndrome or gene mutation that runs in families
  • Had breast, ovarian or pancreatic cancer AND Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry