For students looking obtain observation or shadow hours to learn about a healthcare profession or to obtain required pre-requisite observation or shadow hours the following items must be completed.

  1. Submit a Request Form along with a letter to request the observation.  Letter should include the following:
    1. The profession interested in observing.
    2. Why you are looking into that profession.
    3. What school you are currently attending.
    4. What is your current School Level (High School, College) and your Major and / or Minor
  2. Parental / Legal Guardian Consent & Release form if under 18 >>
  3. Complete Contact Information Sheet.
  4. Current professional license (if applicable).
  5. Complete Orientation Faculty and Students package >>
    1. Confidentiality Agreement
    2. HIPAA-106 Security Oversight
    3. Orientation Acknowledgement
  6. Complete the following presentations and quizzes on UHCC.COM at the following links
    1. Policy & Procedures >>
    2. Pre-Orientation >>
    3. Orientation >>

Provide documentation of the following:

  1. Complete Hepatitis B vaccination series (series of three or waiver)
  2. Tuberculosis screening (within 12 months)
  3. MMR vaccination(s) or positive titer(s)
  4. Varicella vaccination or positive titer
  5. Influenza vaccination – As Per Current CDC Guidelines.
  6. Healthcare level Criminal Risk background check completed no more than two (2) years prior to commencement of Student Experience.
  7. Urine drug screen no more than 6 months prior to commencement of Student Experience
  8. Personal health insurance