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Volunteer Spotlight Award

///Volunteer Spotlight Award
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Claudia Ferguson

Union Hospital is honored to announce that Claudia Ferguson is this quarter’s recipient of our Volunteer Spotlight Award for her many years of dedicated volunteer service to Union Hospital!

Claudia is a retired nurse, wife, mother, and grandmother. While many people think of volunteers as retirees with spare time on their hands, Claudia has actually been a volunteer during her entire career as well as in retirement. As an occupational nurse manager for large companies in England and in Delaware, she worked closely with not-for-profit organizations in local communities, organizing programs for employees as well as the general public. All of which required many hours of volunteering.

“It was a natural segue for me when my husband and I moved to North East after retirement, to get involved in our community.” Claudia says. “My neighbor and I started the first Relay for Life in North East (now part of the Elkton Relay) and that led to many more opportunities for me. My good friend, Kathy, invited me to the first Union Hospital Chefs’ Challenge planning committee and I loved it. Since then, I have become an Auxiliary member and served in a number of ways.”

Claudia says that what she loves most is the passion of the volunteers at Union. “I feel this in staff and volunteers. Volunteers in small hospitals often have a personal stake in their hospital. Some of the volunteers were born at Union, some have had treatment, and others have experienced painful outcomes. I had no involvement until a friend asked me to help and now I find that I share that passion as well.”

In Claudia’s opinion, volunteering is very personal. Her advice to others considering volunteering is, “Don’t sign up unless you are committed and like what you do, not just what is expected or needed. It may sound selfish, but it must have purpose and meaning for you. Give as much time as you are comfortable with, any amount of time is appreciated. You get so much more than you give when you volunteer. There is a place for anyone who wants volunteer at Union. Ask Elaine Boyle.”

Claudia, we are certainly grateful that you have chosen Union Hospital as a recipient of your time and amazing talents. Thank you, from all of us, for selflessly giving of yourself for so many years.