Diane Hair

Diane Hair has been a devoted and hard-working volunteer for Union Hospital for a little over 10 years. We adore and value her so much, and figured it was high time we officially thanked her for her dedication throughout the years!

Diane was actually born right here at Union Hospital when it was still the Singerly House. To that, Diane jokingly said, “Yes, I’m old.” She graduated from Elkton High which is now the current middle school. She went on to get married and joined her husband, Dwight, in a military career as a housewife, mother, and volunteer. “It was a wonderful but very active life.”

Her husband’s final assignment was APG, which meant it was time to come home. “Dwight was concerned I would not find enough activities to keep me busy, so he bought me a job, so to speak. He purchased a small Hallmark store on Main Street. Our daughter graduated from college and was interested in the flower business, so we then bought Elkton Florist. We were very busy. Then came our granddaughter’s graduation from college and she, too, was interested in the business. “

Diane first became involved with volunteering for Union through the suggestion of a friend, “Pat Stephenson, a very close friend of mine, suggested I volunteer as manager of the hospital gift shop. So, I retired, left the business to my girls, and joined Union. I thoroughly enjoyed the job. I love people, which made it a perfect match for me.”

Unfortunately, down the road, Diane became faced with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. “I found it necessary to retire, but I truly had a hard time giving up the job.” Despite everything she is dealing with, Diane has refused to let it stop her completely, “I still enjoy helping Pat in the back, pricing and unpacking all the new items she has found for the gift shop.”

Diane truly feels that Union Hospital is a great place to volunteer. “It is a wonderful transition from job to volunteering. The atmosphere and companions are family. I would suggest volunteering to anyone looking for something to do and to serve the community. Elaine is a great supervisor. Her warm personality makes everyone feel welcomed and important.”

Diane, all of us at Union Hospital want to thank you for your many years of service to the organization. This hospital would not be able to continue operating the way it does without the generosity of selfless individuals like you!

To further prove her selflessness, Diane ended our interview by saying, “I am just so blessed. I don’t know why I was selected for this award because I really wish I could do more.”