Our classes are designed to take you through pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum as well as into your new role as parent.  New parents have many concerns and questions which will be addressed through our educational program.

When should I register?
It is recommended that you register by 24 weeks.  This will allow you plenty of time to choose the class that best fits your needs and schedule.  Class size is limited so register early to avoid any disappointment.

How do I register?
You may register by phone at 443-406-1355, or email the Childbirth and Family Education Team. Once registered, you will receive a letter confirming your class date, time and place of meeting and any other pertinent details.

How do I pay?
Payment is by check or money order. A self addressed stamped envelope is included in your letter for this purpose.  We do not accept online payments or credit cards. Remember that payment is what holds your place in your desired class.  It is recommended you pay at least 2 weeks prior to class to avoid any disappointment.

What classes do I take?
That is totally up to you!  Every family is unique and has differing needs.  Our recommendation for all first time parents is that you take either the Complete Birthing Class or the Saturday Express Birthing Class. If you choose the Saturday Express Birthing Class, be sure to also register for the recommended electives: “Newborn Care” class and “Breastfeeding Basics” class.  Also, if you will be breastfeeding and will be heading back to work or school, or just need an evening out, sign up for our “All about Pumping” class.

Where are classes held?
All of our classes are held on site at Union Hospital in our conference rooms, either the main level or basement level.  You will receive specific information in the letter you receive.

How do I know if class is cancelled due to inclement weather?
Simply call the main switchboard at 410-398-4000.  In the event of cancellation, they are notified first.  Then your instructor will do her best to notify you by phone or email or both.