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Critical Care

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The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Union Hospital is an eight bed Medical/Surgical ICU (eight private rooms, and two negative pressure rooms). The ICU is designed to provide specialized care for patients who are medically unstable and require around the clock monitoring and aggressive treatments to sustain life. Rooms are spacious and equipped with both bedside telemetry monitoring and computerized stations at the bedside to provide “real time documentation.” There is 24-hour monitor surveillance provided by ICU medical professionals (monitor technicians, registered nurses, etc.) who are educated and trained to respond immediately to any changes in a patient’s heart rhythm and/or medical status. Patients that require Medical/ Surgical Intensive Care treatment are patients who are hemodynamically unstable and/or require ventilatory support. Daily multidisciplinary rounds guide the Intensivist to facilitate a team approach to care. All staff are ACLS/BLS certified.

Attractive aspects of working here:

The ICU consists of a team of qualified, compassionate, and dedicated medical professionals. A welcoming environment is provided for all new employees, with emphasis placed on patient satisfaction and teamwork. The unit based orientation process is designed to prepare the new nurse for a rewarding career on our Intensive Care Unit. An individualized orientation approach is used to promote an environment fulfilled with learning and professional growth and development.

  • Preceptor provides teaching atmosphere (1-2 Preceptors)
  • Bi-weekly meetings with manager
  • 2-day basic arrhythmia course (mandatory)
  • Shadow day with respiratory staff and phlebotomy staff (hands on training)
  • Residency program (first year graduate RN’s)
  • Individualized orientation
  • Self scheduling
  • Holiday package
  • 12 hour shifts availability
  • Attractive weekend schedule (12 hour shift schedule)
  • Friendly, diverse atmosphere
  • Great team morale
  • Team huddles
  • 1:2 Nurse patient ratios

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