Welcome and thank you for choosing to join the Union Hospital of Cecil County (UHCC) or Triangle Health Alliance (THA) family

We are excited to have you join us as a new member of an excellent team of healthcare professional. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent quality of care every day.

This New Hire Hub section will be a very important tool for you during your Onboarding process as a new employee.

Please follow the steps below to orient yourself with the New Hire Hub and access the information you need for a successful beginning.

Step 1:
Pre-Employment Process
Before you can start your career at UHCC/THA, you will

  • Complete a pre-employment screening. Schedule your appointment within 48 hours of receiving a job offer. You must be cleared before you can commence employment. Occupational Medicine Pre-Employment Screening Document.
  • Have a post-offer, pre-employment background check conducted and completed. This process will be initiated by your recruiter upon your acceptance to the job offer.

Step 2:
New Hire Paperwork
Complete the new hire paperwork for Union Hospital (UHCC). You must bring completed paper on your first day of employment in order for Human Resources to facilitate inputting your information in the HRIS system in order ensure you are paid timely and also to adhere to both state and federal regulations. If you are having trouble printing these documents to complete, contact your recruiter for assistance. These key documents included in the packet are as follows:

  • Maryland New Hire Registry Form
  • I-9 documentation – complete section before or by first day of employment. You must bring the appropriate form(s) to verify your identification and authorization of employment.
  • Tax Forms State and Federal – W4 and MW507 please complete both forms.
  • Direct Deposit Request. Bring a voided check (for checking account or savings account) for the bank account that will receive your direct deposit paycheck.
  • Employee Information Sheet – it is very important for us to have your emergency contact
  • Campus Security – In order prepare your ID badge and also prepare parking access card.

Step 3:
New Hire Orientation
You must review and complete the HR Policy and Procedure Presentation and quiz by first day of employment. If you are having any trouble completing this information, contact your recruiter for assistance.

If you are commencing employment prior to the New Hire Orientation Day, you will be required to complete the pre-orientation presentation and quiz, and return on your first day.

You will be scheduled to attend New Employee Orientation.

You may need to attend Nursing Orientation depending on your position. Your recruiter will confirm this with you before your first day.

Your manager will give you a Department Orientation/Onboarding.

Our employed physician and advanced practice providers will receive a thorough onboarding itinerary prior to first day of employment.

Step 4:
Employee Benefits and Wellness
The attached link will redirect you to our Benefits Brainshark presentation which will highlight the benefits that are available to you. Feel free to contact Genea Jett, Benefits Coordinator, at 410.620.3743 or at gjett@uhcc.com if you have additional questions regarding benefits.