Welcome to Union Hospital of Cecil County (UHCC) or Triangle Health Alliance (THA).

We are excited to have you join us and learn more about the excellent team of healthcare professionals that work at Union Hospital. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent quality of care every day.

This Agency/Independent Contactor Hub section will be a very important tool for you during your time with our organization.

Please follow the steps below to orient yourself with the Agency/Independent Contractor Hub and access the information you need.

Agency/Independent Contractor Paperwork

This training covers information about key policies and procedures. You must review and complete the following items on your first day:

  1. HR Policy and Procedure Presentation and quiz – you will be required to take a quiz after your review of the policies is completed
  2. Agency/Independent Contractor Pre-Orientation – please review prior to completing the online orientation
  3. Agency/Independent Contractor Orientation – please review and complete the Agency/Independent Contractor Orientation Acknowledgement Form
  4. Agency/Independent Contractor Information Sheet – it is very important for us to have your emergency contact
  5. Campus Security – required to prepare your ID badge and parking access card
  6. Review HIPAA Security Oversight Policy
  7. Confidentiality Form
  8. Confidentiality Agreement
  9. Agency/Independent Contractor Checklist

We hope that you have an enjoyable experience that will enhance your career.