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Pediatric Patient Rights

Pediatric Patient Rights 2018-08-15T13:07:08-04:00

Statement of Pediatric Patient Rights & Responsibilities

In addition to the rights of adult patients, children and their parents/guardians shall have the following rights:

  • Respect for each child and adolescent as a unique individual and respect for the care-taking role and individual response of the parent.
  • Provision for normal physical and physiological needs of a growing child to include: nutrition, rest, sleep, warmth, activity, and freedom to move and explore.
  • Consistent, supportive, and nurturing care which meets the emotional and psychosocial needs of the child and fosters open communication and relationships.
  • Provision for self-esteem needs which will be met by attempts to give the child:
    a.  the reassuring presence of a caring person, especially a parent
    b.  freedom to express feelings or fears with appropriate reactions
    c.  as much control as possible, over both self and situation
    d.  opportunities to work through experiences before and after they occur, verbally, in ply or in other appropriate ways
    e.  recognition and reward for coping well during difficult situations
  • Provision for varied and normal stimuli of life which contributes to cognitive, social, emotional, and physical developmental needs, such as play and educational and social activities essential to all children and adolescents.

Family Responsibility

Parents/family will have the responsibility for continuing their parenting role to the extent of their ability and being available to participate in decision-making and providing staff with knowledge of parents/family whereabouts.